Terms of Service




In wholesale orders, method of payment: Minimum purchases are U$ 1,500. All orders are subject to the terms of payment stipulated in the Confirmation of Purchase Order and AYRES invoice. At the moment the customer sends the Confirmation of Purchase Order, the latter will also accept the Terms and Conditions and will make the 50% advance, in order to validate the order, once completed the order will be made the payment of the missing 50% to AYRES. Once notified to the customer that the order is ready to deliver, the same will have 10 days to liquidate it and withdraw it otherwise default interest will be generated. All shipments will be owned by AYRES until the payment is fully paid, either for the full payment or any previous debit or interest arrears.


Cancellations: In the event of a cancellation, this must be delivered in writing within the first three working days of receipt of the Purchase Order, after this date any cancellation shall cover to AYRES the expenses that result from such cancellation. AYRES reserves the right to cancel the Purchase Order in the event of: A. The buyer has not complied with any of the Terms and Conditions of this contract. B. Missing or late payment of your orders.

At AYRES we seek a fair trade from production to sale so we do not have methods to Consignment or Concession. All prices can be modified without prior notice.


Delivery times: From 20 to 30 business days depends on the order quantities. In cases, a partial delivery agreement may be reached.

Shipments: The shipping costs of AYRES merchandise will be covered by the customer, leaving AYRES without any liability.

International Shipments: All costs and customs formalities for sales abroad will be borne by The Customer.

Export Service: Ayres does not offer any export service, if it will recommend to the client a customs agent.


Returns and damages: All customer returns must be previously agreed with AYRES. All notices of damage to AYRES items or packaging must be notified within five business days of delivery of those items. It will be necessary to submit photos of the article and packaging, documenting the conditions of the shipment and must be returned. After AYRES reviews the report, the evaluation process for such refund will begin by determining the necessary action for the claim.

Warranty: AYRES offers 2 months warranty on all its products, which may have some manufacturing defect, as long as it is proven defective or unusable. This warranty is canceled in case the user or customer has not followed the care instructions that AYRES provides in their products.

At AYRES we strive to ensure that the product we offer has the best quality, but when handcrafted, there may be variations in color, size and shape.

Authorship: All the products made by AYRES are elaborated based on a process of planning, design and quality guidelines, which are exclusive to AYRES, a registered trademark, so to make copies, reproductions and / or alterations in our products without our Consent, are completely unacceptable and are considered piracy.




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